Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeble footwear

The black flats from the other day and these gold PF Flyers are my only presentable flats now. I kind of realized that I was having a shoe crisis and all my flats were battered and some are unwearable. Hopefully my upcoming trip to Japan will solve that! Although I'm wary of shoe sizes...I'm already not holding my breath on being able to fit clothes (5'8+not twig-like=no sizes for me in Japan). I will, however, load up on legwear at the fabulous emporium of Kutsushitaya, aka Tabio.

Trench - Zara; Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters; Skirt - United Colours of Benetton; Belt - secondhand; Tights - The Bay; Shoes - PF Flyers


The Clothes Horse said...

I think those shoes are really cool. The other girls I studied in Japan with from AMerica couldn't find shoes or clothes that fit either. For a 5'1" girl who has been hemming clothes and shopping in the children's section her whole life, it was a dream...

Violetwired said...

love the belt, it really pulls the whole look together.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the colour of your tights!

Times of Glory said...

The whole outfit is just perfectly easy and beautiful together! The beautiful tights and the belt pull everything together and the shoes perfectly match everything! You look very romantic and chic, my dear!


i am sorry to tell you that your feet are adorable !

you won a trip to Paris for a photo shooting ! lol

one question :
lots of my readers tell me that parisian girls are the most stylish grils in the world. what do you think about it ?

i wish you a great night from Paris

street style romancer in Paris


emerald cloche said...
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emerald cloche said...

Aww, thank you everyone! :)

clothes horse: Ya, I'm not anticipating being able to find much in the way of clothes, but just taking in all the amazing shopping will be great in itself.

Kamel - I've never actually been to Paris (although it's on my list for sure). It definitely has a beautiful, romantic image that's difficult not to buy into. In the street style photos I see, the ladies looks very pulled together. One day I'd like to see for myself. I don't know if it's possible to deem one city as having the best style in the world, but I definitely would like to see how people all over the world dress!