Monday, July 21, 2008

Bubble Wrapped

I completely forgot I owned this top, until all the SS08 sheer stuff started floating around. I like to call this my bubble top. I got it years and years ago at a random store in Metrotown. It looks like a tiny doll-shirt when it's all scrunched up unworn, but then it stretches to person-sized. I think I was just looking for an excuse to match something to my green Tabio tights though. I kind of wanted to push the outfit further into mermaid territory, but I didn't have the right shoes so I decided to tone it down with the grey pencil skirt.

Top - store in Metrotown; Cami - Gap; Pencil skirt - United Colours of Benneton; Pleated slipskirt - Tokyo; Tights - Tabio

1 comment:

Fionna said...

Hmm, I hear where you're coming from, wanting to wear those awesome turquoise tights. But I think this look would be better paired with a bare leg; currently, it's a little matchy-matchy. That being said, I love your blog for its candids and fascinating posts; please don't let me keep you from your fearless style!