Monday, May 5, 2008

Channeling Chuck

Pushing Daisies

I seem to never get around to watching TV shows these days but I've been addicted to Pushing Daisies lately. By now the whole Amelie-by-way-of-Tim Burton visual style has been pointed out for either adoration or revulsion by everyone who's watched it, and you can count me in the former camp. Although sometimes the over-the-top aesthetics feels like eating too much candy (or pie?), it's fun to watch a show that's so different from everything else on the tube and all those bright colours make me happy in an Umbrellas of Cherbourg sort of way. Plus I've developed a wee crush on Lee Pace as Ned...

Anyways, all this PD-watching has made me want to frolic in 50's frocks all the time like Chuck, and I had to give the look a whirl. I'm just really not one for bright florals, or all-over bright in any form, so I did the best I could with what I had. The bathroom mirror shots weren't working so I tried the full-length in the basement...that used to be a dance studio, hence the bar! As you can see the lighting is horrendous, so I'm gonna have to solve this (ie buy a full-length for my room) ASAP-ish.

Shirtdress - Esprit; Scarf, Belt - vintage; Tights - American Apparrel; Shoes - Aerosoles

Pushing Daisies

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The Clothes Horse said...

You look great. Everyone keeps saying I need to watch this show.